Welcome Home!

Atlanta, Georgia – In the event management world you just never know when you may have the opportunity to create a lasting memory that a family will never forget. In this case, two of our leaders at Mercedes-Benz Stadium identified a special moment that would help reunite a service member returning home and his mom in a surprise Welcome Home. As Kyra, a S.A.F.E. Supervisor, was working at an entry gate she noticed an individual looking around as if he was lost. When she inquired to see if he needed help, he explained that he was coming home from serving in the military and was working with his father and father’s friend to surprise his mom. At this moment Kyra knew that this could be an exciting and special moment for the family. Krya got another S.A.F.E. Supervisor, Andrew, and a Guest Services Supervisor, Michelle, to help. Along the way they created a plan and helped fulfill this reunification. As you can see in the video clip below, the emotions are incredible and we couldn’t be more proud to help in a small way make this family’s day special at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


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